What Lithuanians are listening

Second anthem

Marijonas Mijutavicius - Trys milijonai

Every Lithuanian will tell you that this is the second anthem. It was made initially as a song for an Olympic games but soon become much more than that. It's somehow sentimental and blood boilingly powerful. I bet people knows better the lyrics of this song than official Lithuanians anthem.


G&G sindikatas

Oldest and still the top hip hop band in Lithuania. During their concerts crowd goes mental taking t-shirts and swinging, throwing as if there is no tomorrow. If you have a chance go to their concert and experience for yourself I would highly recommend doing so.


Band with iconic album from the day it was released more than 20 years ago. Every millennial grew up with their songs and knows lyrics by heart. If you strike a conversation with a local ask to bust some rhymes from Skamp discography.

Lilas ir Innomine

Fresh out of oven artist bringing new winds to a rather stable hip hop scene.

Despotin Fam

It might not be traditional Hip Hop as you know it but let's face it, that's straight up funky!

Electronic / EDM


Kanye West attitude like top solo singer in Lithuania. Started 16 with old-school hip hop style and grew into smooth EDM during his more than 30 years top charts presence

Ten Walls

Most popular international song with 31Mil youtube views by Lithuanian electro house dj



You don't need a party or anything next to this. Simply beautiful music and great artist. Put your headphones and groove along.

Vaidas Baumila

R&B superstar with authentically romantic vibes. "Myliu" is also one of the iconic songs most of millennials knows by heart. If asking to sing some of Skamp songs didn't cut it, come back with a request for a "myliu"

Monika Linkyte

Upcoming star in Lithuanian pop scene


The only Lithuanian that was initially discovered by youtubers and only then by locals. Quality music.

Gabrielius Vagelis

On a slightly more personal note.... Here is my cousin...